Zafferano purissimo Albori
Saffron threads

Zafferano delle Venezie Albori threads will release all their flavour and aroma
for your dishes by simply infusing them:

1. Place your Albori threads in a small cup with some hot water
(or stock or milk, according to your recipe).
Keep the cup in a bain-marie so the liquid does not boil.

2. Cover the cup and leave the threads to infuse for at least an hour and a half.
If you have the patience and passion, it's even better to leave them for up to two hours to enjoy
their sensory qualities to the full. The liquid will gradually turn intensely yellow and
if you gently press the threads occasionally with a teaspoon you will extract even more colour.

3. To avoid over-cooking the saffron, add it to your recipe about three-quarters
of the way through the cooking time. Pour in the liquid and the threads; the latter will continue
to release colour and flavour and will give an extra touch of beauty to your dish.

0,12 g = /
0,24 g = /

Zafferano purissimo Albori
Saffron powder

Zafferano delle Venezie Albori powder is much easier and quicker to use as it immediately
releases its aromas and colour but it is just as pure as the threads and guarantees the same
certified quality as Zafferano Albori stigmas.

Just put the required quantity of Saffron powder in a small cup of hot water (or stock or milk,
according to the recipe), leave it to rest for five minutes then add the liquid to your dish about
three-quarters of the way through the cooking time.

0,12 g = /
0,24 g = /

Saffron in your cooking:
Quantities and tips

First of all, we should remember that Zafferano delle Venezie Albori is particularly pure
and concentrated, therefore you only need to use small quantities.
However, the amount depends on the dish you're making.
For a classic saffron risotto, for example, you need 0.12 grams for 2-3 servings and 0.24 g
for 4-6 servings. You will obtain a rich risotto full of the flavour of saffron.
You should use a smaller amount for dishes in which saffron plays a less prominent role.

Stigmas or powder?
The same high quality results

Zafferano delle Venezie Albori is always absolutely pure and, their weight being equal,
the threads or powder produce exactly the same results.

After the delicate drying phase and maturing in containers, Zafferano Albori saffron threads
are ready to offer their extraordinary quality for the many delicious dishes in which it is a star ingredient.
Those who are short of the time required for these ancient flavour ceremonies will find the same
certified quality in Zafferano Albori's pure powder, which is composed of only dried
and matured threads that are skilfully "roasted" then ground using a gentle technique
and appropriate equipment.

A totally pure powder, ready to use in a few minutes, that offers
the full ISO/TS 3632-certified excellence of Zafferano delle Venezie Albori.