Western Friuli:
from the Alps to the Adriatic and
the splendour of the Republic of Venice

Autumn has come to the plain of Friuli as we prepare to harvest the saffron.
The days are still warm with lingering memories of summer while the nights are already a harbinger of
winter’s chill in this land close to Pordenone, between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea.

This marked difference in temperature creates the ideal conditions for growing Crocus sativus
in our local soil, which is rich in nitrogen from the silt which the numerous local rivers deposit
on this narrow plain as they slow on their journey from the nearby mountains, having absorbed
precious nutrients as they race to the plain before calmly proceeding on their winding route
to join the sea near the Venetian lagoon.

This ancient territory was the crossroad between the splendour of the Venetian Republic, the Serenissima,
and the trade routes to northern Europe, and it is here, at the first light of dawn, that we hand-pick
Crocus Sativus stigmas to offer you all the purity of Zafferano delle Venezie Albori.